Region 3 Staff Listing

Office/Division: Admin Services

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Name Phone Responsibilities
Andry-Hixon, Carol 404-302-5348 Program: Grants and Contract Specialist
Regional Grant Officer
Regional Specialist:E-Procurement,E-Grants Systems
Audit Resolution
Financial & Administrative Reviews
Grants Management Technical Advisor
GEMS-Regional Point of Contact
EBSS-Regional Point of Contact

Bradley, Deborah D 404-302-5316 Regional TAT Coordinator
Regional Specialist: Special Emphasis Programs
Internal and External Training Specialist

Buchanan, Mara 404-302-5315 Accountant
Serve as POC for Financial Manament System and principal accountant
Provide TA and training to grantees on financial and administrative management systems Review, approve and certify ETA-9130 reports
Region E-Grants Monitor
Financial and Administrative Review
Accounting and Financial Systems
Grants Management
Supplemental Budget Requests
Monitor and Input Data in GEMS
Conduct financial monitoring reviews of formula and non-formula grants
Review and process NOOs to states and enters incremental funding in GEMS
training to regional FPOs in the area of cost principals

Ford, Cecelia L 404-302-5322 -Audit Resolution
-Incident Reports
-OIG Coordination
-Procurement & Contracting Issues
-Financial & Administrative Reviews
-Grants Management
Gray, Randy B 404-302-5319 Lead: LAN Manager

Morris, Andre 404-302-5321 Lead:Region E-Grants Monitor
Financial and Administrative Reviews
Grants Management
Accounting and Financial Systems
EIMS System
Supplemental Budget Requests
Payment Management System Monitor

Owens, Lynn 404-302-5309 Manager, Division of Financial, Management, and Administrative Services

Rasbury, Jeffrey S 404-302-5313 Back-up: ETA Keys, RO Equipment Issues,
RO Supplies S&E Financial & Budget Matters
& Supply & Equipment Requisitions, RO Supply Room,
TAT Fund Control,
Workers Compensation
Lead: GSA Vehicles, ETA Reading Files,
Telecommunications Issues, ETA Mail Center
Co-Lead: SNAFC Contact

Thomas, Anna O 404-302-5323 Management Information Systems
(Data Analysis & Reporting)

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