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October 5, 2007



SUBJECT:  Notice - Annual List of Labor Surplus Area Classifications; Under Executive Orders 12073 and 10582

PROGRAM(S): All Programs

1. Purpose: To transmit notice of the annual list of labor surplus areas for Fiscal Year (FY) 2008.

2. References: Federal Register, Vol. 72, No. 193, October 5, 2007, pp. 57071-57072; Executive Orders 12073 and 10582; 20 CFR 654, Subparts A and B.

3. Links. This Alert is in the Regional website Resource page at:

Link to the Federal Register attachment (.pdf)

4. Substance. The annual listing of labor surplus areas implements Executive Orders 12073 and 10582. The FY 2008 annual list is effective October 1, 2007 and can be accessed at .

5. Action: Program Administrators are requested to share the information in this bulletin with appropriate staff and other agencies/entities.

5. Contact. Questions and comments about this notice may be directed to Anthony Dias on 202.693.2784. Questions or comments about the format of this Alert may be directed to Robert Rainault on 312.596.5416.

6. Expiration Date. Continuing

7. Attachment.Federal Register, Vol. 72, No. 193, October 5, 2007, pp. 57071-57072. 

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