October 5, 2009


TO:  Region 5 State Workforce Investment Administrators

FROM:      Byron Zuidema
                   BYRON ZUIDEMA
                   Regional Administrator

SUBJECT:   Guidance for Section 1512 Reporting

1. Purpose.  To provide additional guidance to State Workforce Administrators (SWAs) on the reporting requirements included in Section 1512 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act).

2. References. 

In addition, previously recorded Webinars related to 1512 reporting can be found at

3. Links. This Letter is in the Region 5 website archive at:

4. Background.  Section 1512 of the Recovery Act requires recipients to report on the use of Recovery Act funding, and provide detailed information, such as: total amount of fund received; the amount spent on projects and activities; a list of those projects and activities funded, including name, description, completion status and estimates of jobs created and retained; and details on subawards and other payments.

5. Substance.  The first 1512 report is cumulative from February 17, 2009 through the quarter ending September 30, 2009.  Thereafter, recipients will report activities for the following quarters:

October to December – reporting no later than January 10th
January to March – reporting no later than April 10th
April to June – reporting no later than July 10th
July to September – reporting no later than October 10th

The prime recipient needs to report draft data to no later than the 10th day of the month following the quarter end dates listed above. This month is designated the reporting month. 

From day 11 to day 21, prime recipients can make corrections to their submitted data if needed.  During this time period, ETA will also conduct an unofficial, preliminary review.  By starting the unofficial reviews during this 11 to 21 day window, both ETA and the prime recipients will have adequate time to detect and resolve any issues that might arise.  The prime recipient is also reminded that they have until day 21 to fix any errors they find themselves.

During the official agency review period (from day 22 to 29 of the reporting month), ETA will officially review and classify the reports.  The review and classification process will be completed as early in the official agency review period as possible. Prime recipients are requested to work with ETA to have any corrections completed by the 27th day of the reporting month.

On day 30 of the reporting month, data from prime recipient reports will be published on .

6. Action. State Administrators are requested to share this Letter with interested persons and other staff involved with 1512 reporting.

7. Contact.  Questions concerning the reporting process may be directed to Tom Coyne on 312.596.5435.

In addition, for this first reporting cycle - Thursday, October 1 through Saturday, October 10, 2009 - Regional staff will be available for assistance on 312.596.5435, 7:00 to 5:00 CST.

Questions or comments on the format of this Letter may be directed to Tom Coyne on 312.596.5435.

8. Expiration Date: Continuing

9. Attachments: None

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