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October 27, 2010



FROM:        Byron Zuidema
                BYRON ZUIDEMA
                Regional Administrator

SUBJECT:    MSFW/NFJP Region 5 Roundtable

1.  Purpose.   To advise State Workforce Agencies and NFJP grantees of the Monitor Advocate/National Farmworker Technical Assistance Training Workshop held in Chicago, Illinois November 17-19, 2010.

2.  References. 20 CFR 653.108 (e) and (k); Workforce Investment Act of 1998

3.  Links.  This Letter is in the Region 5 website archive at:

4.  Background.  20 CFR 653.108(e) provides that State Monitor Advocates attend training sessions required by the Regional or National Monitor Advocate.

5. Information. This training will bring together State and Federal Monitor Advocates, Federal Project Officers, NFJP grantees and outreach workers to discuss the various issues and legislative changes that impact the provision of services to MSFW’s, including changes under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA).  The main objectives of this year’s  training are to (1) better integrate the services to MSFW’s and agricultural employers in the Workforce System, (2) facilitate the exchange of information among farmworker service providers; and (3) enhance communication and cooperation between farmworker groups and State and Federal officials.

6. Arrangements. The Monitor Advocate/National Farmworker Job Program training will be held at the Sax Hotel November 17-19, 2010. Please contact the Sax Hotel 312-245-0333 to make reservations, mention the MSFW Round table when reserving the room.

7.  Action Required.  State Administrators are requested to urge State Monitor Advocates and outreach workers to attend the Monitor Advocate training. The NFJP grantees are requested that their executive directors and their deputy directors attend this training.

8. Inquiries.  Questions concerning the Monitor Advocate/NFJP training should be directed to Eric Hernandez on (312)596-5419 or Ray Garcia on (312)-596-5515.

Questions or comments about the format of this Letter may be directed to Robert Rainault on 312.596.5416.

7. Attachments.  None

8. Expiration Date.  November 17, 2010

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