August 3, 2009



FROM:        Byron Zuidema
                BYRON ZUIDEMA
                Regional Administrator

SUBJECT:    Region 5 Staffing Structure

1.  Purpose.  To inform State Workforce Agencies of updates to the staffing structure of the Regional Office.

2.  References. None.

3.  Links.  This Letter is in the Region 5 website archive at:

4.  Substance. 

a. Following is the latest update to the Regional Office staffing structure:

Office of the Regional Administrator (ORA)
Byron Zuidema, Regional Administrator, 312.596.5403
Sandra Wilson, Executive Assistant
Janina Rokiciak, Executive Secretary
Shawaan Caridine, Management Staff Assistant

Division of Financial Management and Administrative Support (DFMAS)
Barry Dale, Division Chief, 312.596.5455

Financial Management Unit
Chanel Castaneda
Thomas DiLisio
Deborah Galloway
Lorraine Jamison
Tommy Ouyang
Robert Rainault
John Roeder
Dennis Swafford

Performance Unit
Eirik Anderson

Internal Support Unit
Tom Coyne, Supervisor, 312.596.5435
Beverly Akogu
Michael Dooman
Joan Steffek

Office of State Systems (OSS)
Nicholas Lammers, Regional Director, 312.596.5520
Stacy O’Keefe

Division of Workforce Investment (DWI)
Rose Zibert, Division Chief
Linda Ortolano, Division Chief (Acting), 312.596.5533
Julie Baker
Marium Baker
Rochelle Bradley
Paul Fredericks
Al Gordon
Celeste Moerle
Phillip Moreland
James Sawers
Cheryl Svee
Richard Wambach
Rebekah Woolley

Corey Bulluck, Supervisor, 312.596.5532
Jean Grochowski
Lori Harris
Eric Hernandez (detailed to OSID)
Gerardo Lara
Alice Mitchell

Division of Workforce Security (DWS)
Fred Homan, Division Chief, 312.596.5492
Steffanie Belmonte
Santiago Diaz
Patricia Hernandez
Linda Mulcahey
Barry O’Connell
Elizabeth Schlosser
Steven Scott
Richard Skinner

Office of Special Initiatives and Demonstrations (OSID)
Larry Greevers, Regional Director, 312.596.5437
Emogene McClure
Darryl Shannon

Division of Demonstration Grants (DDG)
John Scott, Division Chief, 312.596.5507
Stan Blazek
Malcom Jackson
Timmy Jordan
Carla Lakes
John MacLennan
Monica O’Brien
Danielle Pleas
Lance Potts
Kenneth Reveal
David Scherer
Kelly Smith
Carl Stahlheber
Clay Webb

b. Phone numbers and email access to regional employees can be found on our website.

5.   Action Required.   State Administrators are requested to share this Letter with appropriate staff and other agencies.

6.   Inquiries.  Questions or comments concerning the Region 5 staffing structure may be directed to Nicholas Lammers of the Office of State Systems on 312.596.5520 and Larry Greevers of the Office of Special Initiatives and Demonstrations on 312.596.5437; or Barry Dale of the Division of Financial Management and Administrative Support on 312.596.5455.

Questions or comments about the format of this Letter may be directed to Tom Coyne on 312.596.5435.

7. Attachments. None.

8. Effective Date.  August 3, 2009

9.  Expiration Date.  October 1, 2009

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