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Information Alert Listing

Information Alert - Issuance year: 2008

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# Issued Expires Subject Audience
108 07/28/2008
Continuing Notice – Privately Owned Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement All Programs
092 06/19/2008
Continuing Notice: UIPL 09–08—Immediate Deposit and Withdrawal Standards—Intercept of Refunds of Erroneous Employer Contributions; and UIPL 14–08— Treatment of Fees Collected by State Child Support Agencies. UI
090 06/06/2008
Continuing Notice – Amending Federal Financial Assistance-Related Forms to Include Universal Identifier All Programs
089 06/05/2008
Continuing Notice – Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations; Circular A-133 Compliance Supplement All Programs
087 05/20/2008
Continuing Notice – Federal Contractor Veterans’ Employment Report (VETS-100A), 41 CFR Part 61-300; Final Rule VETS, Wagner-Peyser
079 06/10/2008
Continuing CHANGE 1 - Notice - Determination of Lower Living Standard Income Level; Annual Update All Programs
079 04/25/2008
Continuing Notice – Determination of Lower Living Standard Income Level All Programs
071 04/11/2008
Continuing Notice – Labor Condition Application Requirements for Employers Seeking to Use Nonimmigrants on E-3 Visas in Specialty Occupations, Filing Procedures; Final Rule Foreign Labor Certification
061 03/14/2008
Continuing Notice – Privately Owned Automobile Mileage Reimbursement; Federal Travel Regulations All Programs
055 03/06/2008
Continuing Notice – Non-Electronic Filing of Applications for Permanent and Temporary Foreign Labor Certification Foreign Labor Certification
042 02/06/2008
Continuing Notice – 45 CFR Parts 261, 262, 263 and 265, Reauthorization of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program; Final Rule WIA
027 01/03/2008
Continuing Government Auditing Standards: Implementation Tool Financial Managers
026 01/03/2008
Continuing Publication of the Five-Year Research, Demonstration, and Evaluation Strategic Plan for 2007-2012 All Programs
013 11/20/2007
Continuing Notice – Clarification of Certain Procedures for Processing H-2A Labor Certification Applications Foreign Labor Certification
010 11/07/2007
Continuing Certifications for 2007 under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act UI
002 10/05/2007
Continuing Notice – Annual List of Labor Surplus Area Classifications All Programs

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