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Region 1 Contact Information

Regional Administrator

Picture of Holly O'Brien, Regional Administrator of the Region 1 office of the United States Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration located in Boston, Massachusetts

Holly O'Brien



U.S. Department of Labor
Employment and Training Administration
25 New Sudbury St
John F. Kennedy Federal Building, Room E-350
Boston, MA 02203

Main Number: 617-788-0170
Main Fax: 617-788-0101

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Other relevant information

Main Phone Numbers for Regional ETA Offices

Office Phone

The Regional Administrator

Office of State Systems 617-788-0170
   Division of Workforce Security 617-788-0170
   Division of Workforce Investment 617-788-0170
Office of Special Initiatives and Demonstrations 617-788-0177
   Division of Demonstration Grants 617-788-0160
Division of Financial Management and Administrative Services 617-788-0159

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