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Region 4 - Staff Listing

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Name Phone Responsibilities
Baca, Dianne 972-850-4670 State Backup: Colorado, Louisiana, Utah
Programs: Audit/Audit resolution, Cash Reconciliation, Cash Report Analysis and Acceptance, E-grants Liaison, DOLAR$, Grant CloseoutReconciliation, Grant Cost Reporting, HHS Payment management system, Incident reporting, Investigative Memorandums, OIG Liaison, Regional Training Liaison
Blair, Felecia 972-850-4643 State: Oklahoma, Wyoming
State back-up: Texas
Program lead: EPSS (grant modification initiator)
Program back-up: RIG and BRAC, WIA ARRA Shared Youth Vision
Brandenburg, Marilyn 972-850-4617 State Lead: Louisiana
State back-up: Colorado, Utah
Program lead: SCSEP
Program back-up: ARRA Governance and WIA reauthorization, One Stop 2.0
Burleson, Brie 972-850-4652 State lead: Colorado
State back-up: Louisiana, Utah
Program lead: Significant Activities report, SCSEP national and Pilot grants
Program back-up: Faith Based and Community Based grants, Homeless initiative, Youth grants
Cook, Terri 972-850-4674 Programs: Credit card purchases, FOIA, Inventory control, Conference Logistics and Planning, Procurement Oversight (internal), OASAM Contacts (transit subsidy), Personnel, payroll, Office space, record archiving, Regional Office supplies, Regional Offices travel, S&E reporting, suipplies purchasing, TAT Coordinator and reporting, video conferencing coordinator
Cutter, Bernarda "Bernie" 972-850-4618 State lead: South Dakota
State back-up: New Mexico, Wyoming
Program Lead: Veterans Services (backup to DFMAS lead), WIA ARRA Youth, Shared Youth Vision
Program back-up: WOTC
Denogean, Amanda 972-850-4664 State lead: Arkansas
State back-up: Montana, North Dakota
Program lead: National Farmworker Jobs Program grants, Regional Agricultural Services team
Program back-up: Disability program navigator grants, Limited English proficiency, E-Procurement Initiator
Dillon, Rosalind 972-850-4686
Donahue, Kajuana 972-850-4613 State lead: Arkansas
State back-up: Montana, North Dakota
Program lead: Rapid Response team, Rapid Response, WIA-ARRA dislocated workers, WIRED FPO
program back-up: Technical assistance and training coordinator
Duvall, Joanne 972-850-4671 State backup: New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming
Programs: Cash reconciliation, Complaints, Cost report analysis and acceptance, E-grants Liaison, DOLAR$, Grant Closeout / Reconciliation, Grant cost reporting, HHS Payment management system, Incident reporting, Investigative memorandums, OIG Liaison, Real property
Evans, Pat 972-850-4644 State lead: Texas
State back-up: Oklahoma
Program Lead: Earmark grants, CBJTG, E-Procurement Initiator
Program back-up: HGJTG, WIRED team representative
Gaither, David 972-850-4685
Garcia, Edgar 972-850-4650 Programs: GEMS, GPRA, Labor Market Information, Performance manangement and reporting, Workforce information
Goodwin, Greg 972-850-4662 Supervisor, Financial Services
Green, Cynthia 972-850-4619 : Utah
State back-up: Colorado, Louisiana
Program lead: One Stop 2.0, WIA ARRA State Plan modification (PY 2009), WOTC
Program back-up: Monitor advocate, MSFW, Agricultural team, Trade team (with DWS), Wagner-Peyser ARRA Employment Service
Hall, Duane 972-850-4637
Harris, Douglas 972-850-4614 State lead: North Dakota
State back-up: Arkansas, Montana
Program lead: Trade team (With DWS)
Program back-up: Regional Response team
Hart, Brian 972-850-4648 UI Programs Specialist
Howard, James 972-850-4668 State Lead: Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah
Programs: ARRA Financial monitoring and Technical assistance, Audit / Audit resolution, GEMS, Procurement (grantees), complaints
Fiscal expert: Discretionary grants, Formula grants
Jackson, Rhonda 972-850-4684
Jenkins, Gayle 972-850-4629 UI Programs Specialist
Joseph, Cynthia 972-850-4645 State lead: Louisiana
State back-up: Utah, Colorado
Program lead: HGJTG, Youth grants, WIRED team representative, E-Procurement Initiator
Program back-up: MIS Internal, Calendar, Travel-work plan, Grants-by-State and Grants-by-FPO databases
Kenyon, Bob 972-850-4632 UI Programs Specialist
Lalpuis, Nicholas 972-850-4612 Regional Director
Lipnicky, David 972-850-4665 Programs: GPRA, Labor Market Information, Workforce Information
Martin, Bill 972-850-4635 State lead: Colorado
State back-up: Utah, Louisiana
Program lead: NEG
Program back-up: Regional response team, WIA ARRA Adult programs
Moore, Terry 972-850-4669 State lead: Utah
State back-up: Louisiana, Colorado
Program lead: Faith Based and Community based grants
Program back-up: National farmworkers Jobs Program grants, Regional Agricultural Services team,Significant Activities report, SCSEPNational and Pilot grants
Morales, Jesus 972-850-4616 State lead: Montana
State back-up: Arkansas, North Dakota
Program lead: Monitor advocate, MSFW, Agricultural team, Wagner-Peyser ARRA Employment Service
Program back-up: Rapid response, WIA ARRA Dislocated workers, WIA ARRA Waivers
Opitz, Steve 972-850-4682
Parazo, Justice 972-850-4642 Regional Executive Assistant
Pham, Yung 972-850-4663 System Administrator
Programs: Networks Administrator, Oversees Network supports, IT purchases, Inventory Control, video conferencing coordinator, Web site management

Ribnick, Keith 972-850-4628 UI Programs Specialist
Riggs, John 972-850-4636 Programs: ARRA Financial Monitoring and Technical Assistance, Procurement (grantees)
Rowe, Keith 972-850-4673 Programs: GPRA, Performance management and reporting
Sarmiento, Rebecca 972-850-4621 State lead: Texas
State back-up: Oklahoma
Program lead: Reemployment (UI, WIA, W-P Integration) (with DWS), WIA ARRA Adult programs, WIRED FPO
Program back-up: EPSS (grant modification initiator), SCSEP
Shahin, Margie 972-850-4626 UI Programs Specialist
Smith, Roseana 972-850-4615 State lead: New Mexico
State back-up: South Dakota, Wyoming
Program lead: ARRA Governance, WIA Reauthorization, WIA ARRA Waivers, WIRED FPO
Program back-up: Other NEG, WIN ARRA State plan modifications (PY 2009)
Stluka, Frank 972-850-4622 Division Chief
Tuttle, Kandie 972-850-4603 Executive Secretary
Watts, Charlie 972-850-4630 State lead: Arkansas, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming
Programs: ARRA Financial Moniotoring and Technical Assistance, Audit / Audit resolution, Complaints, Procurement (grantees)
Fiscal Experrt: Formula grants
Webb, Glarion 972-850-4672 State backup: Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota
Programs: ARRA Financial Monitoring and Technical Assistance, Audit / Audit resolution, desktop computer assistance, cash reconciliation, cost report analysis and acceptance, Grant closeout / reconciliation, grant cost reporting, HHS Payment management system, E-grants Liaison, Real property
Fiscal expert: Discretionary grants, Formula grants
Weidmark, Maria 972-850-4639 Programs: Performance management and reporting
Williams, Robert 972-850-4627 UI Programs Specialist
Woodard, Kristy 972-850-4661 Division Chief
Programs: Procurement oversight (internal), Regional Office supplies, Regional Office travel, S&E reporting, TAT Coordinator and reporting
Zmudczynski, Mary 972-850-4667

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