Region 5 ETA Staff

  • Staff Directory
    Listing of employees of the Employment and Training Administration, Region 5.
Program Functions and Leads
  • Office of Apprenticeship
  • Job Corps
  • Labor Market Information
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act & Wagner Peyser
Office Listing
  • Office of the Regional Administrator - Region 5 Front office.
  • Division of Financial, Management and Administrative Services - Responsible for the administrative and management functions that support program offices by providing assistance to ETA staff and to grantees for performance management and reporting, financial management and workforce information functions. It also includes staff who support office technology, regional budgeting and accounting and other support.
  • Office of State Systems - Responds to grantees operating within the workforce system at the state levels.
  • Division of Workforce Investment - Includes State awards for WIOA formula programs, Wagner-Peyser, Trade Act training, National Emergency Grants, Workforce Information and the Community Service Employment Program for older workers.
  • Division of Workforce Security - Includes State and Program leads for Unemployment Insurance programs, DUA and Trade benefits.
  • Office of Special Initiatives and Demonstrations - Supports the non-system grantees to enhance performance/outcomes and to better connect them with the workforce system. This office maintains grant management responsibilities for all special initiatives as well as the section 167 Migrant and Seasoinal Farmworker Grants, and grants to assist disabled workers.
  • Division of Demonstration Grants - Responsible for grants that are considered temporary in nature, including Congressional Earmarks, High Growth Job Training Initiative awards, Community Based Training Grants to Community Colleges, Faith and Community Based Training Grants, Responsible Reintegration for Youth Offenders and most other grant programs not targeted for state delivery.
Office of the Regional Administrator. Division of Financial, Management and Administrative Services. Office of State Systems Office of Special Initiatives and Demonstrations. Office of State Systems - Division of Workforce Investment. Office of Special Initiatives and Demonstrations - Division of Demonstration Grants. Office of State Systems - Division of Workforce Security.

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