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Region 5 Staff Listing

Office/Division: Workforce Security

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Name Phone Responsibilities
Adams, Dustin R 312-596-5516 State: UI - Illinois & Missouri
Programs: UI
Belmonte, Steffanie 312-596-5436 State:UI - Iowa & Ohio
Lead: BPC (WRIS/SSA/AVE), DUA, Internal Security
Grochowski, Jean 312-596-5521 Lead: Re-employment services, Data Validation, Short Time Compensation
Hernandez, Patricia 312-596-5438 State: UI - Minnesota & Wisconsin
Lead: BAM, Extended Benefits, 1B-ICON-CWC
Backup: DUA (Coordination), BPC, Internal Secirity
Hudson, Jason M 312-596-5543
Rainault, Robert 312-596-5416 State: UI - Michigan
Lead: Data Validation, Reports & Analysis
Backup: Budget/RJM, Tax, SQSP Coordination
Internal: GEMS POC
Schloesser, Elizabeth 312-596-5445 State:UI - Indiana & Nebraska
Lead:Benefit Timeliness and Quality, Non-Mons, Appeals (UI),
Backup: Trade Readjustment Assistance (TRA)Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance,Extended Benfits-EUC
Scott, John W 312-596-5507 Division Chief
Skinner, Richard A 312-596-5442 State: UI - Kansas
Lead: TRA, UCFE/X,/IB-ICON-CWCInternal:Grant Specialist-PARS Initiators,IB-ICON-CWC
Backup: ATAA, BPC, Budget/RJM, DUA, Internal Security,Data Validation, Profiling/REA, Reemployment, Reports (UI), SBR Coordination

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