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September 12, 2005



SUBJECT:     Grant Officer Notice - Extension of NEG BRAC Planning Grant Submission Requirement

PROGRAM(S):         National Emergency Grants

1.  Purpose.  To transmit information on recent developments in the National Emergency Grant (NEG) Base Realignment and Closing (BRAC) Planning Grant submission requirements.

2.  References. Training and Employment Guidance Letter 16-03, Change 2.

3.  Links.  This Alert is in the Regional website archive at:

4. Background. Training and Employment Guidance Letter 16-03, Change 2 and the applicable NEG BRAC award letter required submission of a State's fully documented plan for its NEG BRAC Planning Grant byAugust 30, 2005.  In a conference call on August 10, ETA officials indicated that guidance would be provided on how to submit the plan via the NEG electronic application system.

In the meantime, the Department has reviewed the responses that were provided by States as a result of the initial technical assistance probe.  While most States were in the process of completing their Phase I plans, over one-third indicated a need for assistance in completing their plans, and over three-quarters indicated that the principal difficulty lay in the uncertainty around the actions of the BRAC Commission. Their actions would not be completed until the Commission made its recommendations to the President on September 8, 2005. 

5.  Substance.  For these reasons, all applicable State WIA agencies who received a BRAC National Emergency Grant in June 2005 are hereby informed that the requirement to submit the fully documented project plan by August 30, 2005 has been extended to September 30, 2005.

Additionally, States will not be expected to use the NEG e-application system to submit the Phase I plans and should not attempt to modify the BRAC planning grants electronically until further notice. 

6.  Action.  Program Administrators are invited to share this Information Alert with appropriate staff. For agencies with BRAC Planning Grant proposals, three copies of the plans are to be signed and submitted by the appropriate signatory official to the ETA Grant Officer at the following address (new mailstop), for receipt on or before September 30, 2005:

E. Fred Tello, Grant Officer
Division of Federal Assistance
U.S. Department of Labor - ETA
200 Constitution Avenue, NW
Room N 4655
Washington, DC 20210

Any mail submitted to the previous (Room Number) address will be forwarded to the new mailstop. 

7.  Contact. Comments or questions about this Grant Officer guidance may be directed to Jim Aaron in the Office of National Response on 202.693.2814. Comments or questions about BRAC Planning Grant submissions may be directed to the Office of System Performance in your Regional Office:

Region 1 Boston - 617.565.3630
Region 2 Philadelphia -215.861.5200
Region 3 Atlanta -404.562.2092
Region 4 Dallas -214.767.8263
Region 5 Chicago - 312.596.5400
Region 6 San Francisco -415.975.4610

Comments or questions about the format of this Alert may be directed to Tom Coyne on 312.596.5435.

8. Expiration Date.September 30, 2005

9. Attachment.None

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