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February 12, 2007



SUBJECT:  Notice - Annual Update of the Health and Human Services (HHS) Poverty Guidelines

PROGRAMS: All Programs

1.  Purpose. To transmit notice of the annual update of the HHS Poverty Guidelines.

2.  References. Federal Register Vol. 72, No. 15, January 24, 2007, pp. 3147-3148; Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) of 1981 [42 U.S.C. 9902(2)].

3.  Links. This Alert is in the Regional website Resource page at:

Link to Federal Register attachment (.pdf)

4.  Substance. This notice provides an update of the HHS poverty guidelines to account for last calendar year's increase in prices as measured by the Consumer Price Index. The effective date is the date of publication, unless an office administering a program using the guidelines specifies a different effective date for that particular program.

5.  Action. Program administrators are requested to share this Information Alert with appropriate staff.

6. Contact. Questions and comments about this Alert may be directed to the Division of Workforce Investment or the Division of Demonstration Grants in your Regional Office:

Region 1 Boston - 617.788.0170
Region 2 Philadelphia - 215.861.5200
Region 3 Atlanta - 404.562.2092
Region 4 Dallas - 214.767.8263
Region 5 Chicago - 312.596.5400
Region 6 San Francisco - 415.975.4610

Questions or comments about the format of this Alert may be directed to Robert Rainault on 312.596.5416.

7. Expiration Date. Continuing

8. Attachment. Federal Register Vol. 72, No. 15, January 24, 2007, pp. 3147-3148

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