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November 28, 2012



SUBJECT:    DOL Generic Solution for Solicitations for Grant Applications

PROGRAM(S): All Programs

1.  Purpose.  To transmit an Information Collection Request (ICR) titled “DOL Generic Solution for Solicitations for Grant Applications” to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review and approval for continued use in accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) of 1995 (44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq.).

2.  References.   Federal Register, Vol. 77, No.288, November 27, 2012, p. 70828

3.  Links.  A copy of this ICR may be obtained from the Web site, on the day following publication of this notice in the Federal Register.

4.  Action:  Interested parties shall send comments to OMB, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Attn: OMB Desk Officer for DOL-Departmental Management, Office of Management and Budget, Room 10235, 725 17th Street, N.W. , Washington, D.C 20503, Fax: 202-395-6881    

5.  Contact.  For further information contact Michel Smyth at 202-693-4129.  Comments or questions about the format of this Alert may be directed to Imogene McClure on 312.596.5524.

6.  Expiration Date: December 28, 2012

<7.  Attachments.     Federal Register

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