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June 28, 2012



SUBJECT:    Notice of Funding and Solicitation for Grant Applications (SGA) for funding under the Pay for Success Pilot Projects

PROGRAM(S): All Programs

1.  Purpose.  To transmit Notice of Availability of Funds and Solicitation for Grant Applications (SGA), SGA/DFA PY 11-13; to provide eligible State Agencies, that administer the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, funding opportunities to design and deliver employment and training services that generate long-term improvements in the performance of the public workforce system, both in terms of positive results for job seekers, employers and cost effectiveness.

2.  References.   Federal Register, Vol. 77, No.116, June 15, 2012, p. 36012;  Workforce Investment Act of 1998; Funding Opportunity Number: SGA/DFA PY 11-13;

3.  Links.  This Alert is in the Regional Resources website archive at:

Link to the Federal Register attachment (.pdf)

4.  Action:  Program Administrators are requested to share this Information Alert with appropriate staff and other agencies. Eligible applicants are invited to submit an application on or before December 11, 2012 to the individual below:

Linda Forman
Grant Management Specialist
Office of Grants and Management
200 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20210

5.  Contact.  Comments or questions about this Solicitation may be directed to Linda Forman on 202.693.3416.  Comments or questions about the format of this Alert may be directed to Beverly Akogu on 312.596.5458.

6.  Expiration Date. December 11, 2012

7. Attachments.  Federal Register, Vol. 77, No. 116, June 15, 2012, p. 36012.

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