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December 21, 2006



                   BYRON ZUIDEMA
                   Regional Administrator

SUBJECT:    Employment & Training Administration (ETA) Grantee Financial and Administrative Forums

1.  Purpose.  To announce and provide information about three ETA-sponsored national training sessions on Federal financial and administrative requirements to be held in 2007.

2.  References.  Training and Employment Notice (TEN) No. 18-06

3.  Links.  This Workforce Development Letter is in the Region 5 website archive at

4.  Background.  ETA provides grants funds to a variety of State, local and discretionary grantees. These grantees have the responsibility to ensure that funds are properly managed and administrative systems are established and operated in accordance with the applicable Federal guidelines. The Financial and Administrative Forums are intended to enhance grantees’ knowledge of these guidelines as they pertain to ETA grants.

5.  Locations.  The forums will be held, one each, in the following locations:

Atlanta, GA            January 29 – February 1, 2007
Mesa, AZ               February 20 – February 23, 2007
Wheeling, IL          April 2 – April 5, 2007

6.  How to Register.     A website has been established to facilitate the forum registration process.  Attendees should register on line at:

Please refer to the attached TEN 18-06 for additional details on the registration process, as well as hotel accommodations.

7.  Action.   State Workforce Administrators are requested to share this Letter with State and local fiscal, administrative and program staff.

8.  Inquiries.  Questions regarding these forums should be directed to the Division of Financial Management and Administrative Services in your ETA Regional Office or to

Region 1 Boston - 617.788.0170
Region 2 Philadelphia – 215.861.5200
Region 3 Atlanta – 404.562.2092
Region 4 Dallas – 214.767.8263
Region 5 Chicago - 312.596.5400
Region 6 San Francisco – 415.975.4610

Questions or comments about the format of this Letter may be directed to Robert Rainault on 312.596.5416.

9.  Expiration Date.  April 5, 2007

10.Attachment. Training and Employment Notice 18-06, Employment & Training Administration (ETA) Grantee Financial and Administrative Forums, December 19, 2006

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