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April 1, 2004



FROM:         Byron Zuidema
                   BYRON ZUIDEMA
                   Regional Administrator              

SUBJECT:    Data Validation Reporting

1.  Purpose.  To provide a revised timeline for submitting data validation reports.

2.  References. Training and Employment Guidance Letter 3-03, August 20, 2004; Information Bulletin 037-04, January 27, 2004

3.  Links. This Letter is in the Region 5 website Library at:

4. Background. ETA has begun implementing data validation requirements under WIA, Employment Service and Trade Act programs. The validation consists of examining both reports and data elements for accuracy. The initial validation year will focus on detecting and resolving issues with State data collection procedures. Error rates will be analyzed in the second year. Standards for accuracy will be established in the third year.

5. Substance. ETA is in the process of finalizing the reporting instructions for  State submittal of the first year validation summary and analytical report outcomes for WIA, ES and TAA.  We are also working with our contractor staff and our Office of Technology to develop the process for State agencies to electronically transmit those reports.  Until ETA has these instructions finalized, State agencies will not be able to transmit such information.

TEGL 3-03, issued in August 2003, advised State agencies of the requirement to validate reports by April 1, 2004.  However, the Regional Office has received several requests for extensions of this due date, and will approve such requests when necessary. An extension cannot granted beyond May 15th. Extension requests should be directed to the Office of System Support, attention: Tom Coyne.

6.  Contact.  Questions or comments about data validation reporting may be directed to the Office of System Support in the Regional Office. Questions or comments about the format of this Letter may be directed to Tom Coyne on 816.502.9014.

7. Expiration Date.  May 15, 2004

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