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June 11, 2013


TO:  All Programs

FROM:   Byron Zuidema
             BYRON ZUIDEMA
             Regional Administrator

Subject:  Affordable Care Act Rollout Information


PURPOSE:  To inform all workforce development programs of informational resources related the Affordable Care Act.  

REFERENCE:  Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010.

BACKGROUND:  The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by the President on March 23, 2010. On June 28, 2012 the Supreme Court rendered a final decision to uphold the health care law.  DOL, ETA is partnering with HHS on the Regional Federal Coordinating Workgroup on ACA rollout.

MESSAGE:  This Workforce Development Letter serves to inform workforce development stakeholders of informational resources related to the Affordable Care Act, which goes into effect January 2014. 

When key parts of the health care law take effect in 2014, there will be a new way for individuals, families and small businesses to buy health insurance- the Health Insurance Marketplace. To this end, ETA Region V will be periodically sharing ACA related information and resources with all ETA workforce development programs so that they may share the information with respective stakeholders and customers also.

How You Can Help

There are a variety of ways the workforce development system may become engaged in Marketplace outreach and education. The workforce development community works with a diverse group of customers, with diverse needs, who may be seeking information about opportunities offered within the new Marketplace. The following list of tools and resources may assist the workforce development system prepare for ACA implantation, as well as their stakeholders and customers in America’s Job Centers, Job Corp Centers, Apprenticeships etc.

Resources for Workforce Development System and Customers 

Open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace begins on October 1 and coverage takes effect in January, 2014. Some states will be operating their own Marketplace, while others are working with the Federal Government to do so.  

· is available to help individuals and small businesses make decisions that are right for them, whether they are in need of coverage or already have it.

·         For consumers, individuals may visit to sign up to receive updates as they pertain to new health insurance options, benefits, and resources to spread the word.

·, offers stakeholders the ability to sign up via our partner list serve and receive more technical information about Health Insurance Marketplace implementation and outreach efforts.

To learn more now about the Health Insurance Marketplace, please visit  or .  There are a variety of webinars currently being offered about the Affordable Care Act and how the Health Insurance Marketplace will work, click here to register.  Outreach and education are available and ready for use also: Training Resources and official resources.

ACTION REQUIRED:  Please share this information with all workforce development stakeholders and customers.



ETA:  Office of State Systems, Corey Bulluck at (312) 596-5532; or Marium Baker, Workforce Development Specialist at (312) 596-5526. 

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