July 19, 2006


MEMORANDUM TO:         Region 5 State Workforce Investment Administrators 
                                  Local Area Workforce Directors

FROM:                        Byron Zuidema
                                  BYRON ZUIDEMA
                                  Regional Administrator

SUBJECT:  Announcement of National Business Learning Partnership Opportunity, Round II

1. Purpose.  To announce the second round of a national, peer-to-peer technical assistance and training project - the National Business Learning Partnership (NBLP), and to solicit Expressions of Interest from State agencies and Local Workforce Investment Boards or other workforce and economic development-focused entities.

2. References. Training and Employment Notice 1-06, July 5, 2006.

3. Links. This Letter is in the Region 5 website archive at:

4. Background.  Training and Employment Notice 1-06 describes the National Business Learning Partnership - the Employment and Training Administration’s national technical assistance and training project started in 2003.  The NBLP is a collaborative project, with a goal of enhancing regional and national competitive strength and improving labor market outcomes by engaging the workforce investment system in effective partnerships, fostering innovation, and integrating community strategies and resources to develop talent as a community asset.

5. Substance.   In Round II of the NLBP project, 36 State and local entities will be selected to participate in a peer-to-peer learning opportunity. The project will focus on: talent development strategies driving regional economic competitiveness; strong and sustained strategic regional partnerships; workforce information for performance and strategic planning; and leveraged resources and solutions-based strategies. More information about the National Business Learning Partnership can be found at:


The Expression of Interest application for participation in NBLP Round II can be found at:

6. Action Required.   State Administrators are requested to share this Letter with appropriate staff and other agencies, and are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest on or before August 21, 2006 to the Regional Office lead - Jean Grochowski, 312.596.5521.

7. Inquiries. Questions or comments about the NBLP Round II may be directed to Jean Grochowski on 312.596.5521. Questions or comments about the format of this Letter may be directed to Tom Coyne on 312.596.5435.

8. Attachments. None.

9. Effective Date. July 19, 2006

10. Expiration Date. August 21, 2006

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