June 29, 2004



FROM:         Byron Zuidema
                   BYRON ZUIDEMA            
                   Regional Administrator

SUBJECT:    State Partners Update – Eligibility Quality Assurance for the End-of-Month Audit under the Health Care Tax Credit Program

1. Purpose.  To transmit the End-of-Month Audit procedure for the month of June.   The Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) team is requesting your support in ensuring that all eligibility files are transmitted in a timely manner.

2References. None.

3.  Background.  The End-of-Month (EOM) Audit process began in September 2003 after the HCTC Program discovered individuals who were registered and enrolled in the Program, but for whom the States had not sent September eligibility records.  It was decided that outreach to the State Workforce Agencies would occur before canceling any of the affected individuals.

After the conclusion of the September audit, it was decided that there was benefit to performing the EOM Audit again in October and succeeding months.  The audit ensures that the HCTC Program had the highest quality data.  The EOM Audit process allows the HCTC program to display its customer service to participants and stakeholders.

4. June Eligibility Audit Procedure.  On June 28, 2004 the HCTC Program performed a survey of HCTC-eligible individuals who currently have an enrollment status of Registered or Enrolled; and for whom the States have previously transmitted an eligibility record, but have yet to transmit status, thereby giving the individual eligibility for the June.

5. Action. Each State that has affected individuals will receive an email containing an encrypted attachment listing the names of those individuals.  These States will be expected to verify that each individual on that list has become ineligible.  If an individual is found still eligible, the State is expected to resubmit that person’s record with the correct eligibility code using standard ICON file transmission.  Detailed instructions (including how to open the encrypted list) will be provided in the email.  When you receive an email from the HCTC program, please take the appropriate action as soon as possible.

6.  Timeline for June Audit.

Monday, June 28, Morning

Monday, June 28, Afternoon

·         HCTC program ran Eligibility Query

·         Impacted SWAs received email with encrypted list

Mon., June 28 – Wed., June 30

·         SWA researches eligibility of names on list

Mon., June 28 – Wed., June 30 5:30 PM EST

·         SWA transmits by ICON remaining names for May

Friday, July 2

·         HCTC drops individuals no longer listed as eligible

7.  Contact. Questions about the EOM Audit process may be directed to:

          Shawn Burns on 703.947.3650

          Lori Nunan on 703.947.2657

Questions or comments about the format of this Letter may be directed to Tom Coyne on 816.502.9014.

8.  Effective Date.  Immediate.

9.  Expiration Date. Continuing.

10.  Attachments. None.

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