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Library Issuances

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  • Workforce Development Letters: transmit policy or procedures, which require a response or action from the listed recipient.
  • Information Alerts (IA): are used to transmit mission-related information including items such as meetings, announcements of current or impending activities/events of Regional interest, analyses of a programmatic nature, grant solicitations and Federal Register requests for public comment.
  • Clicking any link with send you to a new page containing a table with five columns. The columns display the document number, issue and expiration dates, the subject and the intended audience.

Region 5 publishes two distinct types of documents, Information Alerts and Workforce Development Letters. Each document series is numbered sequentially beginning each Fiscal Year and contains an expiration date as appropriate. Documents with a Continuing label in the Expires column have no set expiration date.

You may display a complete Information Alert listing or display a subset of active records by filtering out expired Alerts.

Information Alerts

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