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Information Alert Listing

Information Alert - Issuance year: 2010

Click the document number to view a specific issuance.

# Issued Expires Subject Audience
076 09/30/2010
Continuing Notice – Final Rule; Federal-State Unemployment Compensation Program; Funding Goals for Interest-Free Advances UI
074 09/30/2010
Continuing Notice – Final Rule; Senior Community Service Employment Program All Programs
073 09/30/2010
Continuing Notice – Financial Assistance Use of Universal Identifier and Central Contractor Registration All Programs
072 09/30/2010
Continuing Notice – Requirements for Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act Implementation All Programs
066 06/14/2010
Continuing Notice – Final Rule; Child Labor Regulations, Orders and Statements of Interpretation Youth Services, Wage & Hour
058 05/07/2010
Continuing Notice – Determination of Lower Living Standard Income Level for 2010 All Programs
050 04/02/2010
Continuing Notice – Final Rule; Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA); Merit Staffing of State Administration and Allocation of Training Funds to States TAA
045 04/12/2010
Continuing Notice – Updated List of Labor Surplus Area Classifications All Programs
040 03/16/2010
Continuing Notice – Grants Applications 101 All Programs
033 03/05/2010
Continuing Notice – Final Rule; Attestation Applications by Facilities Temporarily Employing H–1C Nonimmigrant Foreign Workers as Registered Nurses Labor Certification
028 02/12/2010
Continuing Notice – Final Rule; Temporary Agricultural Employment of H-2A Aliens All Programs
016 12/09/2009
Continuing Filing Locations for Foreign Labor Certification Program Applications Foreign Labor Certification
012 11/18/2009
Continuing Notice – Interim Final Rule; Temporary Agricultural Employment of H-2A Aliens in the United States Labor Certification, WIA, Wagner-Peyser
007 11/04/2009
Continuing Notice – Federal-State Unemployment Compensation Program: Certifications for 2009 UI
006 10/30/2009
Continuing Annual List of Labor Surplus Area Classifications All Programs
003 10/01/2009
Continuing Notice – Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) No. 22-08 TAA

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