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Special Tabulation of LEP Information from Census 2000

The Department of Labor has sponsored a special tabulation of Census data on Limited English proficient (LEP) populations as a resource for One Stop Career Centers and other providers of employment and training services. Information is broken out for 39 Census languages and language clusters, and the tabulations are designed to match the service areas of states and local Workforce Investment Areas.

Table 1: Total Population, and Table 2: Adults show the number of people who speak a language other than English at home, along with a self-reported measure of how well they speak English. Table 1 includes the entire population age 5 and above, while Table 2 is limited to the population age 18 and above.

Table 3: Characteristics is a socio-economic profile of the population that reports speaking English "not very well" or "not at all" with their employment status, occupation, income, earnings and other labor market characteristics. These tables are different from any of the Census Public Use Tables, and have not been published before.

Output for each area comes in an Excel workbook containing six pages. In addition to the three tables, you will find:

  • An Introduction page, with detailed descriptions of the tables, their source data, Excel tips and other background information;
  • A Quick Reference Guide showing a sample of each table, with notes to help in interpreting the results, and
  • A Glossary , with definitions of all important terms used in the tables.
Geographical Coverage:
  • U.S. Totals
  • States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Navajo Nation multi-state area
  • Local Workforce Investment Areas

To View or Download LEP Data for your Area:

On the map below, click on any state or territory to access links to the local Workforce Investment Areas in that state, or state totals. For small states, please click on the abbreviation listed next to the map. After opening a state or local data file, click on the gray tabs at the bottom of the page to view the different tables.

Please Note: 30 LWIAs with small populations could not be tabulated separately due to Census concerns about confidentiality. On the state LWIA lists, these areas are marked with an asterisk (*). Within each affected state, data for the excluded LWIAs is pooled into a "Balance of State" tabulation.

Clickable Map AK  Census Data AL  Census Data AR  Census Data AZ  Census Data CA  Census Data CO  Census Data CT  Census Data DC  Census Data DE  Census Data FL  Census Data GA  Census Data HI  Census Data IA  Census Data ID  Census Data IL  Census Data IN  Census Data KS  Census Data KY  Census Data LA  Census Data MA  Census Data MD  Census Data ME  Census Data MI  Census Data MN  Census Data MO  Census Data MS  Census Data MT  Census Data NC  Census Data ND  Census Data NE  Census Data NH  Census Data NJ  Census Data NM  Census Data NV  Census Data NY  Census Data OH  Census Data OK  Census Data OR  Census Data PA  Census Data PR  Census Data RI  Census Data SC  Census Data SD  Census Data TN  Census Data TX  Census Data UT  Census Data VA  Census Data NN  Census Data VT  Census Data WA  Census Data WI  Census Data WV  Census Data WY  Census Data

Not sure which LWIA covers your area?

Go to Definitions of Local Workforce Investment Areas and follow instructions on the Introduction sheet to search for your county or place. This sheet can also be used to verify the boundaries of an LWIA service area as defined in the tabulations.

WinZip State and National Downloads Available!

Click here to download all LWIA and state-level data for a particular state, or U.S. totals plus state totals for all states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Navajo Nation. Files are in WinZip (compressed) format, and are for downloading only.

Census Technical Documentation

Technical documentation for the source data in these tables (including definitions of terms and guidelines for calculating standard errors and confidence intervals) can be found in the Census 2000 Summary File 3 technical documentation, available at Census Summary File-3 Technical Documentation.