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Regulatory Activities

Regulations create, modify, or withdraw an agency's policy direction to implement a Federal statute or amend outdated information in an established rule. "Rulemaking" is the term used for the process the agency uses to make such changes and generally describes the agency's policy and policy rationale for public consideration. ETA publishes a list of regulatory activities that the agency anticipates establish over the coming year.

Links to ETA Rulemaking Activities

Proposed Rules for ETA - ETA's Notice of Proposed Rulemakings (NPRMs) published in the Federal Register.

Final Rules for ETA - ETA's Interim Final Rules (IFRs) and Final Rules published in the Federal Register.

DOL's Regulatory Agenda - A list of all regulations that ETA expects to modify or develop in the next year. The Regulatory Agenda is usually published each Spring and Fall in the Federal Register.

Link to ETA Federal Register Documents

Notices for ETA - Listing of ETA's Federal Register notices by year.

Regulatory Links