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06-09-2011: Copyrighted materials clarification

We would like to clarify an earlier question as it related to copyrighted materials for the TAACCCT Solicitation.

Only work that is developed by the grantee with grant funds is required to be licensed under the Creative Commons license. Pre-existing copyrighted materials licensed or purchased by the grantee are subject to the intellectual property rights the grantee receives under the terms of the particular license or purchase. Additionally, works created by the grantee without grant funds do not fall under the Creative Commons license requirement.

The purpose of the Creative Commons license requirement is to ensure that materials developed with funds provided by these grants result in works that can be freely reused and improved by others. When purchasing or licensing consumable or reusable materials, grantees are expected to respect all applicable federal laws and regulations, including those pertaining to copyright and the accessibility provisions of the Federal Rehabilitation Act.

It is our sincere hope this did not cause confusion. Thank you.