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To receive TAA benefits, the worker group must be determined eligible by the U.S. DOL. To submit a petition for worker group eligibility, see our Petitioner page. Individual workers must then apply for benefits through the state workforce agency. Your local American Jobs Center can be found here.

Due to program changes, there are multiple versions of the TAA program. Individual benefits vary depending on the petition number.

What Does My Petition Number Mean?
Comparison of Benefits and Services by Program

Detailed explanations of benefits can be found here:

Petition Numbers
Benefits Information
50,000 to 69,999
2002 Amendment Benefits
70,000 to 79,999
2009 Program
80,000 to 80,999
2002 Amendment Benefits
2011 Amendment Benefits
81,000 to 84,999
2011 Amendment Benefits
85,000 to 89,999
Reversion 2014
2015 Amendment Benefits
90,000 and above
2015 Amendment Benefits


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Updated: January 10, 2020