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Questions about decisions should be directed to the following phone number at the Department of Labor: 202-693-3560.

Determinations are updated weekly. Any case listed that has a blank in the date and decision blocks is currently under investigation and a determination will be issued soon.

For technical reasons, TAA petitions are periodically removed from this website. If your petition was previously on this website, but is not currently there, please check back in 5 business days. If your petition does not show up on the website for an extended period of time, please contact us.

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A search for a petition number, a petition number with an alphabetic suffix, or any related appeals or amendments can be found by entering in the petition number only.

Example: If the petition number is TA-W-43,601C then just type in 43601. Do not enter commas, dashes or other characters. Do not enter "TA-W-".

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