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TAW number Redacted Petition Company Location Petitioners Determination Decision Date Decision Date of Latest Reconsideration/ Revision/ Correction Impact date Expiration date
98157 98157.pdf   Bruker Handheld LLC, Bruker Nano Analytics Division  Kennewick, WA  State Workforce Offi  98157.txt   5/12/2022  Certified     12/21/2020  5/12/2024  
98266 98266.pdf   Magna Exteriors Belvidere  Belvidere, IL  State Workforce Offi  98266.txt   5/12/2022  Certified     4/19/2021  5/12/2024  
98278 98278.pdf   Piston Automotive LLC  Belvidere, IL  State Workforce Offi  98278.txt   5/12/2022  Certified     4/27/2021  5/12/2024  
98284 98284.pdf   Syncreon  Belvidere, IL  Company Official  98284.txt   5/12/2022  Termination - investigation was terminated prior to a decision.        
98231 98231.pdf   Woodcrafters Home Products LLC, MasterBrand Cabinets Inc., Fortune Brands  Weslaco, TX  State Workforce Offi  98231.txt   5/12/2022  Certified     3/18/2021  5/12/2024  
98259 98259.pdf   Arkwright Advanced Coating Inc. Sihl Inc.  Fiskeville, RI  Union Official  98259.txt   5/11/2022  Denied        
98282 98282.pdf   Autoline Industries Indiana LLC, D/B/A CJ Automotive Indiana LLC  Butler, IN  State Workforce Offi  98282.txt   5/11/2022  Certified     4/29/2021  5/11/2024  
98257 98257.pdf   NeuWave Medical Inc., Supply Chain/Operations Division  Madison, WI  State Workforce Offi  98257.txt   5/11/2022  Certified     4/12/2021  5/11/2024  
98268 98268.pdf   Syncreon, Automotive Division  Belvidere, IL  State Workforce Offi  98268.txt   5/11/2022  Denied        
98220 98220A.pdf   Decatur Plastic Products, Inc., Alabama Flocking Division  Gadsden, AL  State Workforce Offi  98220A.txt   5/10/2022  Denied        
98220 98220.pdf   Decatur Plastic Products, Inc., Alabama Molding Division  Gadsden, AL  State Workforce Offi  98220.txt   5/10/2022  Denied        
98237 98237.pdf   Little Raymond's Print Shop  Indianapolis, IN  State Workforce Offi  98237.txt   5/10/2022  Denied        
98081 98081.pdf   Stupp Bros., Inc., Stupp Corporation  Baton Rouge, LA  State Workforce Offi  98081.txt   5/10/2022  Denied        
97048 97048 .pdf   3P Processing LLC  Wichita, KS  State Workforce Offi  97048 .txt   5/9/2022  Denied        
96990 96990 .pdf   HollyFrontier Cheyenne Refining LLC  Cheyenne, WY  State Workforce Offi  96990 .txt   5/6/2022  Denied        
98239 98239.pdf   District Photo  Beltsville, MD  State Workforce Offi  98239.txt   5/5/2022  Denied        
98246 98246.pdf   Home Products International North America, Inc.  Seymour, IN  Company Official  98246.txt   5/5/2022  Certified     4/4/2021  5/5/2024  
98212 98212.pdf   Pacific Life Insurance Company, Life Insurance Division Operations  Lynchburg, VA  State Workforce Offi  98212.txt   5/4/2022  Denied        
98258 98258.pdf   Schneider Electric Buildings Americas, Inc., GSC NAM Electronics Clovis  Clovis, CA  Company Official  98258.txt   5/4/2022  Certified     4/12/2021  5/4/2024  
98066 98066A.pdf   US Well Services  San Angelo, TX  State Workforce Offi  98066A.txt   5/2/2022  Denied        
98209 98209.pdf   Pacific Life Insurance Company, Life Insurance Division Information  Lynchburg, VA  State Workforce Offi  98209.txt   5/2/2022  Denied        
98066 98066.pdf   US Well Services  Pleasanton, TX  State Workforce Offi  98066.txt   5/2/2022  Denied        
96991 96991 .pdf   Mattress Mill  Bozeman, MT  State Workforce Offi  96991 .txt   4/28/2022  Certified     5/14/2020  5/14/2022  
98194 98194.pdf   Amy’s Kitchen, Inc.  Pocatello, ID  State Workforce Offi  98194.txt   4/28/2022  Denied        
98195 98195.pdf   Endomines Idaho, LLC, US Division  Elk City, ID  State Workforce Offi  98195.txt   4/28/2022  Denied        
96940 96940 .pdf   HCL America  Houston, TX  State Workforce Offi  96940 .txt   4/27/2022  Termination - investigation was terminated prior to a decision.        
98247 98247.pdf   Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems, Inc.  Danielson, CT  State Workforce Offi  98247.txt   4/27/2022  Certified     4/5/2021  4/27/2024  
98207 98207.pdf   LSC Communications Book LLC dba Lakeside Book Company  Cranbury, NJ  State Workforce Offi  98207.txt   4/27/2022  Denied        
98224 98224.pdf   TE Connectivity Corporation, Customer Care Team  Hampton, VA  State Workforce Offi  98224.txt   4/27/2022  Denied        
98185 98185.pdf   Element Electronics  Winnsboro, SC  State Workforce Offi  98185.txt   4/21/2022  Certified     1/27/2021  4/21/2024  
98226 98226.pdf   Greatbatch, Ltd.  Beaverton, OR  State Workforce Offi  98226.txt   4/21/2022  Denied        
98124 98124.pdf   Linwood Mining and Minerals  Davensport, IA  Workers  98124.txt   4/21/2022  Denied        
98241 98241.pdf   MyJoVE Corporation  Cambridge, MA  State Workforce Offi  98241.txt   4/21/2022  Denied        
98180 98180.pdf   Siemens Industry (SI) – Nebraska Sales Office  Omaha, NE  State Workforce Offi  98180.txt   4/21/2022  Denied        
98187 98187.pdf   The Enstrom Helicopter Corporation  Menominee, MI  Workers  98187.txt   4/21/2022  Denied        
98181 98181.pdf   Sony DADC US Inc.  Terre Haute, IN  State Workforce Offi  98181.txt   4/19/2022  Certified     1/25/2021  4/19/2024  

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