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TAA Decision 97106

Note: Determinations for this case number, this case number with an alphabetic suffix, and any appeals or amendments appear below.

Employment and Training Administration 

Notice of Termination of Investigation for 
Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers 

Pursuant to Section 221 of the Trade Act of 1974, as amended, an investigation was initiated 
in response to a Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers petition dated June 30, 2021 and filed 
on July 2, 2021 by a State Workforce Office on behalf of workers and former workers of The News 
Journal, New Castle, Delaware. 

20 C.F.R. 618.210(e)(1) states that the Department of Labor may terminate an investigation 
if the investigation establishes one of the following: (i) The petition is invalid, which includes 
petitions identifying a nonexistent group of workers, filed under false pretenses, or perpetuating 
fraud; (ii) The petitioner has withdrawn the petition in writing; (iii) The group of workers identified 
in the investigation is the same as a group of workers identified in another pending investigation; 

(iv) The group of workers identified in the investigation already has been issued a denial, and the 
period of investigation applicable to the current investigation and the previous denial is the same; 
or (v) The group of workers identified in the investigation is already covered by a certification that 
does not expire within 90 calendar days of the determination. 
In this case, the petitioning group of workers is covered by an existing petition 97,108 
that is the subject of an ongoing investigation for which a determination has not yet been issued. 
Further investigation in this case would duplicate efforts and serve no purpose. Consequently, 
the investigation has been terminated. 
Signed in Washington, D.C., this 22nd day of September, 2021 

/s/ Hope D. Kinglock
Certifying Officer, Office of 

Trade Adjustment Assistance 


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