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(October 25, 2013)
NGA Releases Report on State Clean Energy Actions (November 2012 – June 2013)

Governors continued to advance renewable energy, energy efficiency and other forms of clean energy during their 2013 state legislative sessions. State Clean Energy Actions: November 2012–June 2013 Update covers the 55 states, commonwealths and territories and highlights nearly 350 actions governors took to support greater use of clean energy, often with the goal of spurring economic development, reducing energy costs to consumers or minimizing environmental impacts. Areas with the most activity included renewable portfolio standards, shale gas development, financial incentives, building codes and state building efficiency efforts.

This new paper from the National Governors Association provides summary data and highlights recent state-level activity and cumulative data from 2008-2013 across seven categories:

  • clean electricity
  • energy efficiency
  • alternative fuels and vehicles
  • lead-by-example initiatives
  • clean energy economic development;
  • clean energy research, development and demonstration; and
  • greenhouse gas emissions.

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