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(March 12, 2014)
Training and Employment Notice 23-07: Compilation of State-by-State STEM Resources, Networks and Coalitions

Training and Employment Notice 23-07 -- Building and Sustaining an Educated and Prepared STEM Workforce – shared the Department of Labor’s vision for the public workforce system’s role in developing the talent needed for high growth industries requiring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills.

eClassroom News has recently assembled a listing of State-by-State resources regarding STEM education. The top of the alphabet follows as an illustration; the synopses for all States can be found at

Alabama The Alabama STEM Coalition (AMSTEC) was born out of a NASA funded Linking Leaders Program. Composed of leaders from business, education, government, and policymakers who advocate for systemic K-20 mathematics, science, and technology education reform, it has grown to a statewide group of integrated stakeholders in mathematics, science and technology education.

Alaska STEM Alaska’s guiding objective is to increase student interest and competencies in STEM fields, organized around three strategies: facilitate professional development of teachers; offer enrichment activities to students; and participate in advocacy and outreach to build public awareness and support. Its work is guided by a commitment to hands-on, engaged learning that links students to real world opportunities and challenges in an environment of high expectations and discovery.

Arizona The Arizona STEM Network, led by Science Foundation Arizona, is a collaboration between businesses, educators, government and philanthropy with a common agenda to graduate more Arizona students prepared for the global economy through STEM education. To achieve its vision of a qualified Arizona workforce that stimulates the economy, the network is focused on the following: creating meaningful business engagement opportunities in education; strengthening teacher effectiveness in STEM; integrating it into schools and districts; changing the culture and community fabric to embrace it; and measuring outcomes.

Arkansas The Arkansas STEM Coalition is a statewide partnership of leaders from the corporate, education, government and community sectors which plans, encourages, coordinates and advocates policies, strategies, and programs supportive of excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics teaching and learning in order to expand the economy of Arkansas and produce higher paying jobs.

California The California STEM Learning Network’s (CSLNet) mission is to help California prepare the nation’s most STEM-capable graduates. CSLNet’s Statewide Initiatives address key learning challenges by building coherence among California’s many STEM-related programs and identifying solutions that can be addressed by a concerted statewide effort.