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Community Audit Demonstration Program Materials

In May 2001, ETA launched the Community Audit Demonstration Program to encourage workforce strategic planning and research with grant awards to 34 State and local workforce investment boards (WIB's) and related organizations. Integral to this effort were partnerships among local stakeholders of WIBs, community colleges, economic development agencies, employers, trade associations, and others in a collective effort to: (1) obtain information on local and regional economic and labor market trends, (2) undertake workforce development demand-driven planning, and (3) disseminate information to the public on current and future job and career opportunities, skill requirements, and related matters.

Of the projects funded, 16 were for single WIB areas, 10 for regional consortia, and 8 for state-led efforts which were either statewide in scope or encompassed several local areas. As a result of these efforts, an array of community audit information was generated, integrated into strategic plans, and made available for public use. The links below provide many examples of the community audits produced as well as intermediate products detailing procedures for undertaking various types of audits. We hope these materials will be especially helpful to others desiring to launch similar efforts.

   An Assessment of the Community Audit Demonstration Program
AL-Statewide CA-Santa Cruz CO-Statewide CO - Pikes Peak
  • The main product of the Pikes Peak Workforce Center was the development of a website with up-to-date, easy-to-use labor market information. The website is at this website location.
CT-Statewide IA-Central ID-LewisClark IL-Cook IN-Center for Workforce Innovation KY-Kentuckiana LA-New Orleans MA MD-Statewide MO-St Louis MT-Montana Job Training Partnership NH NJ NY-Rochester OK-Tulsa PA TX VA VT - Statewide WA WI