U. S. Department of Labor
Employment and Training Administration
Washington, D.C. 20210
October 26, 2000



FROM:	    Lenita Jacobs-Simmons
            Deputy Assistant Secretary

SUBJECT:    Use of America's Workforce Network(AWN) Logo

1. Purpose. To further announce the establishment of the requirement that Employment and Training Administration (ETA) grantees, their sub-grantees, and selected ETA contractors use the official branding logo for America's Workforce Network on their public materials. This Notice also provides the AWN Concept Paper, which outlines initial thinking on the national branding and marketing campaign and will serve as the basis for discussions among the partners regarding the development of said campaign.

2. References. Assistant Secretary Bramucci's letter to all Governors dated June 30, 2000.

3. Background. Over the last six decades, Federal, State and Local governments have instituted a wide range of employment and training programs to address our Nation's evolving workforce development needs. Traditionally, each program has served a distinct purpose, often addressing a situational concern at a specific time. Since 1994, ETA has worked with state and local entities to build a One-Stop Career Center system, which was made permanent by the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA). Although these efforts have made advancements in serving customers better, the programs have not fully aligned their service delivery efforts with, nor been recognized as part of, the larger workforce investment system. Even today, many programs and services appear isolated from one another and the workforce investment system remains under-publicized. The lack of publicity, and resulting lack of awareness of these services by our customers, need to be remedied.

The intent behind creating the America's Workforce Network brand is to recognize the collaboration among the partners' workforce development organizations to improve access for the Nation's workers and employers. Taking advantage of the recent changes being made through implementation of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA), this new partnership will work collaboratively to develop a more streamlined and flexible delivery system and fully establish a comprehensive workforce investment network.

To ensure that our various stakeholders and the public are aware of the services available, the U.S. Department of Labor has taken the lead in creating a brand identity, America's Workforce Network, which will be attached to all federally-sponsored workforce investment activities nationwide. The brand identity will be built to recognize that while each system partner offers a unique set of services, the system as a whole features integrated partner efforts to provide information and services to help Americans manage their careers and employers find skilled workers.

4. Requirement to Use AWN Logo. To further help establish the brand, ETA will require grantees,sub-grantees and certain contractors to use the AWN logo on their public materials. The inclusion of the AWN logo on partners' public materials is a co-branding effort that allows partners to have their products associated with the national effort without losing their individual identities. This requirement will be incorporated into existing ETA grants and contracts through modifications and will be included as a standard clause in new agreements. The new clause language is attached to this Notice.

As part of the establishment of the brand, the Department of Labor is working with our partners to help define the nature and scope of the Network, who beyond the mandated partners will participate, and how to define for the public the value added that the Network provides. The AWN Concept Paper outlines initial thinking about America's Workforce Network and the importance of a full-scale branding and marketing campaign for the system. This document must be considered a stepping-stone to creating a more comprehensive and complete product. In consultation with you, our partners and stakeholders, we will acquire the necessary perspective and information to develop a focused, comprehensive, strategic branding and marketing plan for America's Workforce Network.

Once the brand is established, this effort will be followed by a full marketing campaign to ensure that the public and employers are aware of the services and products available to them. This marketing effort will include nationally-run advertisements, posters, brochures and collateral materials, as well as templates for use by partners to co-brand their programs as part of AWN.

To support the marketing effort, DOL is developing a comprehensive communications plan for use by States, with the assistance of an outside vendor. We will be seeking the input of our partners in the preparation of this plan and the development of guidelines,templates and collateral materials. Through this collaborative effort, members of the AWN will share in creating a strategy that recognizes their efforts and adds value to every partner. We anticipate that the branding campaign will intersect with the efforts of the Workforce Excellence Board, which is working on establishing an independent validation process for performance excellence among members of America's Workforce Network.

5. Next Steps. Basic guidelines for the use of the logo will be sent to you, along with the grant modification, within the next two weeks. As mentioned earlier, we will seek your input in the preparation of more detailed guidelines in the near future.

6. Action Requested. Please share this TEIN with staff in your organization who prepare and format all public documents, publications, and other materials as well your organization's marketing people.

7. Feedback. Questions on this TEIN should be directed to the Office of Career Transition Assistance, Division of One Stop; attention: Kevin Thompson, at 202-693-3045.

8. Attachments.
Assistant Secretary Bramucci's Letter of June 30, 2000
AWN Concept Paper
Grant/Contract Clause