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Release Date

January 23, 2019

Department of Justice Seeks Proposals to Conduct Rigorous Research and Evaluation on Promising Reentry Initiatives; Applications Due May 13

The Department of Justice's National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has published a recent solicitation which seeks to build knowledge on best practices in offender reentry initiatives. The primary goal of this solicitation is to support the rigorous examination of innovative reentry initiatives, including those in rural communities.

Specifically, NIJ requests proposals for rigorous research to examine reentry initiatives that incorporate promising practices, strategies, or programs. For this solicitation, NIJ is interested in supporting evaluations of innovative reentry initiatives that focus on juveniles, young adults (aged 18-24), and adults with a moderate-to-high risk of reoffending. A particular focus on the risk of reoffending with a violent crime is encouraged. These initiatives may be applicable to juvenile residential facilities, institutional and/or community corrections.

NIJ has identified $6,000,000 for investment under this project with the anticipation of seven awards. Applications are due by May 13.

Updated: January 23, 2019