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August 9, 2018

Department of Labor Seeks Comment on the State Apprenticeship Grants Research Study

The Department of Labor has published the sixty-day Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) notice for the "State Apprenticeship (SAE) Grants Research Study."



Through grant and contract vehicles, DOL is seeking to expand opportunities related to Registered Apprenticeships, expand programs to new industries and occupations, increase the number of apprentices, and to promote the diversity and inclusion of apprentices.

In September 2016, DOL awarded $20.4 million through 10 National Industry Partner contracts and four National Equity Partner contracts to increase apprenticeships in particular industries and focus on diversity and inclusion in apprenticeships, respectively. (See inset table below for listing of recipients)

In November 2016, DOL awarded a total of $50.5 million in grants to 36 states and one territory to expand apprenticeships throughout the country. In 2017, 10 contracts were renewed for a second contract year.

The proposed information collection covers an evaluation study, which will address six key research questions related to the SAE grants and national industry and equity partner contracts:

  1. How are grantees' and contractors' implementation activities progressing around efforts to drive apprenticeship expansion and diversity?
  2. What partnerships have been developed as a result of these activities?
  3. What factors have affected implementation?
  4. How are funds being used?
  5. What state policies exist or are in development to support expansion?
  6. What promising models or lessons have emerged?

In addition, through a national survey of states and U.S. territories, the study will address the question: What is the current status of states' efforts to grow apprenticeship programs and opportunities?

A copy of this ICR with applicable supporting documentation; including a description of the likely respondents, proposed frequency of response, and estimated total burden may be obtained free by contacting Gloribel Nieves-Cartagena by telephone at (202) 693-2771, TTY 1-877-889-5627 (these are not toll free numbers), or by email at

Written comments should also be submitted to Comments are due by October 8.

Updated: August 31, 2018