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Release Date

August 1, 2018

ETA Publishes Sixty-Day PRA Notice for the Data Collection - Distribution of the Characteristics of the Insured Unemployed

The Distribution of Characteristics of the Insured Unemployed is a monthly snapshot of the demographic composition of the claimant population in the Unemployment Insurance (UI) system. It is based on those who file a claim in the week containing the 19th day of the month, which reflects unemployment during the week containing the 12th day of the month. This corresponds with the sample frame used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the production of labor force statistics they produce. This report serves a variety of socio-economic needs because it provides aggregate data reflecting UI claimants' sex, race/ethnic group, age, industry, and occupation.

The Employment and Training Administration will publish the sixty-day PRA notice for this information collection (an extension without change) in the July 30, 2018 FEDERAL REGISTER. The pre-publication version is available at

Updated: August 31, 2018