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Department of Education Publishes RFI to Obtain Information about Promising Strategies, Practices, Programs to Improve Rate of Postsecondary Success, Transfer and Graduation.
Jan 30, 2012

The Department of Education published a Request for Information on Monday, January 30, 2011 FEDERAL REGISTER inviting institutions of higher education (IHEs), non-profit organizations, States, systems of higher education, adult education providers, researchers, and institutional faculty and staff, or consortia of such entities, to provide the Department with information about promising and practical strategies, practices, programs, and activities that have improved rates of postsecondary success, transfer, and graduation.

The Department notes:

We are most interested in obtaining information about strategies that emphasize the quality of what students learn and timely or accelerated attainment of postsecondary degrees or certificates, including industry-recognized credentials that lead to improved learning and employment outcomes. Information provided in response to this RFI will be posted on the Department's postsecondary completion Web site (Postsecondary Completion Web site) in a form that will allow information about promising and practical strategies to be shared, commented on, and discussed by interested parties, including employees of IHEs, State officials, students, and members of the general public.

The Department urges respondents to the RFI to use keywords or tags identified to link to and accurately reflect substantial components of, the strategies, practices, programs, or other activities described in the submission. The keywords are contained in Appendix A of the RFI.

Responses to this RFI may be submitted at any time after the publication of this notice, but in order for a response to be considered in the first round of reviews, it should be submitted by April 30, 2012. The Department will review and post responses received after April 30, 2012 on a regular basis.