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Department Announces Grant Awards to Establish (1) National Center on Leadership for the Employment and Advancement of People with Disabilities and (2) Accessible Technology Action Center
Sep 28, 2012

The Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy has awarded a $1,098,573 grant to the National Disability Institute in the District of Columbia to establish the National Center on Leadership for the Employment and Advancement of People with Disabilities. The new center will focus on improving employment outcomes and promoting the economic advancement of people with disabilities.

The LEAD Center will conduct policy and research initiatives on improving employment outcomes, including job retention, for job seekers with disabilities. Additionally, a key component of the center's work will be translating emerging and successful solutions, as identified through demonstration projects and research, into policy and practice. The center also will support ODEP in encouraging innovative practices and facilitating their implementation at both the workforce system and individual levels, including providing technical assistance and training to workforce-related entities.

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The Office of Disability Employment Policy has also awarded $950,000 grant to the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America in Arlington, Va., to establish the Office of Disability Employment Policy's Accessible Technology Action Center, a national resource that will facilitate and promote the use of accessible technology in the hiring, employment, retention and career advancement of individuals with disabilities.

The Accessible Technology Action Center will expand access to information and communication technologies in the workplace for people with disabilities. It will promote the knowledge, technical skills, tools and leadership strategies needed to address accessibility issues and seek to raise awareness of the impact critical accessible workplace technologies have on competitive employment opportunities.

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