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National Emergency Grant "Promising Practices" Series
Oct 31, 2012

The workforce community is reminded of a number of volumes currently residing within the National Emergency Grant "Promising Practices" series. The documents are available here. The titles include:

  • Working Across Boundaries in Planning a Regional NEG Response
  • Using Data Strategically to Align Job Seekers and Occupational Demand
  • Expanding NEG Training Capacity through Partnerships with Community Colleges
  • Coordinating NEG Responses to Support High Growth Sectors and Occupations
  • Peer Support Systems that Strengthen Outreach and Participation
  • Implementing Transition Teams to Lead the Dislocation Response
  • Partnering with Organized Labor to Support Reemployment
  • Coordinating Resources to Meet the Reemployment Challenge
  • Establishing and Managing a Temporary Jobs Program
  • Preparing for the Unexpected in Disaster Grants