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ETA Provides Guidance on the Use of Wagner-Peyser Section 7(a) Funds for Intensive Services
Jan 7, 2013
The Employment and Training Administration has issued Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 11-12.

This TEGL addresses the appropriate use of funds authorized under Section 7(A) of the Wagner-Peyser Act for intensive services as defined by the Workforce Investment Act.

The TEGL provides a synopsis of the statute and regulations to which the States must conform. It specifically responds to these questions:

  • How can funds authorized by Section 7(1) of the Wagner-Peyser be used?
  • Must core and intensive services funded by the Wagner-Peyser Act be provided by merit staff?
  • Who makes the decisions about funding for core and intensive services?
  • May States provide training under Section 7(a) of the Wagner-Peyser Act?

The TEGL also provides guidance for aligning WIA and Wagner-Peyser Funded Intensive Services.

Questions on the TEGL can be directed to the appropriate regional office.