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ETA Announces Release of “Green Jobs and Health Care Implementation Study Final Report”
Apr 5, 2013
The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has announced the release of the Green Jobs and Health Care Implementation Study Final Report.

In July 2010, ETA tasked IMPAQ International, LLC with conducting an implementation evaluation of four grant programs awarded in early 2010 under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA): Energy Training Partnerships, Pathways Out of Poverty, State Energy Sector Partnership and Training, and Health Care Sector and Other High Growth and Emerging Industries. Collectively, these grants are known as the ARRA High Growth and Emerging Industries training grants.

The objective of this two-year implementation evaluation was to develop an in-depth understanding of key differences and similarities across the four ARRA-funded training grant programs and across grantees, and identify promising practices and lessons learned from these grants. This study produced an interim report and this final report.

This final report examines the primary objectives of the study which were to: (1) understand in-depth the implementation of the 152 grants, and (2) explore the extent to which grantees used promising practices that could be replicated in future programs.

To address these objectives, a set of research areas was defined covering:

  • the economic and community context in which each program operated (program context, target area, target population);
  • the service delivery strategy and components of the program (recruitment and enrollment, training, case management and support services, and certifications);
  • partnerships with employers and other organizations; and
  • program management and sustainability.

Sources of data for the study included interviews with key stakeholders during site visits to 36 selected grantees, focus groups with program participants, observations of program activities, and a Web-based survey of grant administrators.

The final report presents implementation findings by each of the four grant programs. Conclusions, promising practices, and lessons learned for future grant programs are provided across all four programs. For example, some grantees had specific individuals assigned to manage the grant and facilitate the administration of several facets of the program, an approach seen by many as a promising practice. Another promising practice was the ability to link participants with the right types of certificates or credentials as a result of the communication and partnerships between the programs and the employers. Some of the lessons learned include recognizing the need to align grant-training goals with state/local initiatives to improve efficiency and reduce duplication across a range of implementation aspects, including program design, and communicating program concepts to stakeholders.

Training and Employment Notice 28-12 provides additional background on the report.

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