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21st Century Registered Apprenticeship: A Shared Vision for Increasing Opportunity, Innovation, and Competitiveness for American Workers and Employers
Jul 5, 2013

Released this week, this report from the Secretary of Labor’s Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship contains set of innovative solutions and recommendations to expand Registered Apprenticeship through a combination of proposed policies, partnerships, and leveraging of the national system which is now composed of approximately 250,000 employers, joint labor-management organizations, and educational partners.  

The Committee outlines its four goals in this document:

Goal 1: An increasing number of businesses and additional industries will use and reap the advantages of quality Registered Apprenticeship programs.

Goal 2: Americans will seek and find Registered Apprenticeship as a valuable post-secondary pathway to rewarding careers.

Goal 3: Diverse populations in the U.S. workforce will have access to growing opportunities in Registered Apprenticeship.

Goal 4: Public policy will reflect the power & value of Registered Apprenticeship to address economic & workforce development challenges.

The objectives and recommendations under each of these goals can be found on pages 22 through 33 of the report

History of the report (blog entry on the Apprenticeship Community of Practice)

Full report