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FAA Hiring Air Traffic Controllers; Virtual Career Fair Set for Wednesday, February 12
Feb 10, 2014
An invitation from Michael Huerta, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration:

Today could be the day your dreams take flight. For the next two weeks, the Federal Aviation Administration is accepting applications for new Air Traffic Controllers for positions across the United States.

A career in this field is more than just a paycheck. It's a chance to save lives through proactive approaches to aviation safety, to reduce aircraft exhaust emissions, and help bolster our economy by enabling more cost-effective air travel.

It's also an exciting time to join the FAA. The next generation of aviation innovation is happening now as we shift to smarter, satellite-based, digital technologies to manage our national airspace. We're making America's flying experience more convenient, more predictable, and safer than ever. And as an air traffic controller, you can help us deploy the systems of tomorrow that will guide and track aircraft, both manned and un-manned, with GPS technology.

So, if you're currently a student or someone who's looking for an entry-level job in the transportation industry, you should know that the FAA plans to hire and train more than 10,000 air traffic control specialists during the next decade. And, the job does not require previous air traffic controller experience or a specialized technical degree. The FAA will provide rigorous, specialized training to ensure that qualified candidates are ready to perform capably and responsibly.

On February 12 --this Wednesday-- FAA recruiters will host a virtual career fair, where you can learn more about what it takes to become an Air Traffic Controller and how to apply for this and other jobs at the FAA. Take the first step today by visiting FAA employees help move America forward. We're committed to making FAA one of the best places to work in federal government, and I'm looking forward to growing our family with talented transportation professionals in the years to come.