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National Longitudinal Study of Unemployment Insurance Recipients: ETA Publishes Thirty-Day Notice
Feb 25, 2014
The Employment and Training Administration has published the thirty day notice today in the February 10, 2014 Federal Register regarding the agency’s interest in conducting a national longitudinal study of unemployment insurance (UI) recipients that will help policymakers and program administrators gain information about the experiences of UI recipients. The study will examine the extent to which the UI program reduces recipients' financial hardships, the ways in which job search and reemployment expectations change during and after benefit collection, and customer satisfaction levels with the UI program. The study will address research questions in six broad topic areas:

(1) adequacy of UI benefits, (2) reemployment expectations, (3) job search, (4) total UI benefit usage, (5) employment outcomes, and (6) UI recipients' satisfaction with the UI program.

Comments are due by March 12, 2014. The sixty-day notice was published on July 22, 2013.