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What's New in Workforce Investment Archive: Headlines (2000)

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Evaluating Alternative Welfare-to-Work Approaches and Study of Adult Library Literacy
Oct 3, 2000
MDRC completes two new Evaluations

Evaluating Alternative Welfare-to-Work Approaches: Two-Year Impacts for Eleven Programs The National Evaluation of Welfare-to-Work Strategies (NEWWS)

To meet the new challenges of the federal welfare legislation, state and local administrators and policy makers need to know about the types of welfare-to-work program approaches that can quickly move substantial numbers of people into work and off welfare. This report provides such guidance, by analyzing the effectiveness of 11 mandatory welfare-to-work programs operated in seven locales.

So I Made Up My Mind: Introducing a Study of Adult Learner Persistence in Library Literacy Programs

The evaluation of the Literacy in Libraries Across America (LILAA) initiative, which is introduced in this overview, is an important new research project for MDRC. It continues our work in adult literacy - a research area of growing significance.