There have been reports of phone calls made from a Department of Labor phone number (202-693-2700) soliciting personal information and/or promising funds to those receiving the calls. These calls were not authorized by the Department of Labor. ETA and the Department of Labor do not and will not solicit Personally Identifiable Information, such as your Social Security number, or other personal information, over the phone. If you receive a call like this from a number that looks like an ETA phone number, consider it a spam call, hang up, and report the call to the US Department of Labor at 1-855-522-6748.

For more information about how to recognize spam calls, please reference the IRS site about recognizing these imposter calls: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/how-to-know-its-really-the-irs-calling-or-knocking-on-your-door-0

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What's New in Workforce Investment Archive: Headlines (2001)

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Technology Opportunities Program (TOP) Competition Announced
Dec 6, 2001
Congress has appropriated $12.4 million for grants through the Commerce Departments Technology Opportunities Program (TOP) for Fiscal Year 2002. The TOPs Notice of Solicitation of Grant Applications was released today (December 6, 2001).

The Application Kit for FY 2002, including Notice and Guidelines, provides information on the program, rules for applying, suggestions for preparing an application, and the standard forms eligible organizations need to prepare a TOP application. The deadline for applications is March 21, 2002.