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What's New in Workforce Investment Archive: Headlines (2002)

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ETA Clarifies Criteria Information in April 17 Solicitation Announcement for Grass-Roots Organizations
Apr 25, 2002
The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) published a document in the Federal Register on April 17, 2002, concerning the availability of Federal funds to award a grant to "grass-roots" organizations or small faith-based and community-based non-profit organizations with the ability to connect to the nation's workforce development system. The document ([SGA/DFA 02-108]) contained incorrect criteria information. The link to this document was originally provided through a "What's New" entry on April 17.

The April 24 Federal Register contained the following corrections:

"In the Federal Register of April 17, 2002, in FR Doc. 02-9259, on page 18931, in the first column, correct to read:

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Questions should be faxed to Linda Forman, Grants Management Specialist, Division of Federal Assistance, Fax (202) 693-2879.

On page 18933, in the second column, correct to read:

Performance History With Grants Management (10 points)

The applicant must provide a statement of its capability/performance history in providing the services proposed in its Statement of Work. The Department will be evaluating applications based on scope, strength, and record of achievement. Applicant may provide a recent history of any involvement as a partner or provider in the Workforce Development system."

* Correction: SGA/DFA 02-108 - Federal Register (text)
* Correction: SGA/DFA 02-108 - Federal Register (pdf)