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What's New in Workforce Investment Archive: Headlines (2000)

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New Guidance Letters cover Performance Measures, Goals, Incentives and Sanctions
Mar 7, 2000

TEGL 7-99: Core and Customer Satisfaction Performance Measures for the Workforce Investment System

Fifteen core measures apply to the adult, dislocated worker and youth programs, and two measures of customer satisfaction apply across these three funding streams. TEGL 7-99 provides technical guidance for states to implement the core and customer satisfaction performance measures and calculate performance levels required under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).

TEGL 8-99: Negotiating Performance Goals; and Incentives and Sanctions Process under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

States submitting a State Plan under Title I, Subtitle B must propose expected levels of performance for each of the 17 indicators. TEGL 8-99 informs States of ETA's implementation guidelines for the Negotiation and Goal Setting Process as well as for the Incentive and Sanction Process.