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What's New in Workforce Investment Archive: Headlines (2000)

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Two New Resources for Workforce Investment Boards
Apr 11, 2000
Workforce Boards: Excellence in One-Stops Guidebook
April 11, 2000 Published in February 2000, this immensely popular book serves as a guide for local workforce boards in creating an atmosphere of quality in the role of overseer of workforce services at the local level. In the context of local workforce boards¿ roles, this book looks at the Baldrige Criteria, and at some local organizations that are in the forefront of ¿workforce quality.¿ We encourage you to download and photocopy this guidebook. No permission is needed.

Preparing for the Workforce Investment Act:
A Strategic Planning Module for Workforce Investment Boards

The training materials contained in this package have been developed by Region V and its State and academic partners to support state and local Workforce Investment Boards. One of the key functions of the Boards will be to chart a strategic direction for their workforce investment systems. Enclosed are both descriptive and presentation materials for an interactive training session that can serve as the starting point for the strategic planning efforts of Boards.