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What's New in Workforce Investment Archive: Headlines (2002)

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Jul 27, 2002
July 26 Issue of Youth Resource Connection Now Available
Jul 18, 2002
SBA Seeks Nominations for Tibbetts Award
Jul 13, 2002
July 12 Youth Resources Connections Released; New Issue Reviews the National Youth Summit and Previews PEPNet Events
Jul 13, 2002
The Alpha Awards -- July 24 Event to Honor Individuals Who Help Job Corps Students Shine
Jul 05, 2002
USDA Seeks Nominations for National Board of Rural America; Members will Help Oversee the Delivery of Grants to Regional Boards
Jul 03, 2002
Executive Summary for WIA Reauthorization Forums
Jul 03, 2002
Workforce Innovation 2002: Conference Schedule Now Available
Jun 26, 2002
ODEP Announces Grant Competition to Fund Model Demonstration Programs to Assist Youth with Disabilities
Jun 26, 2002
ODEP Announces Competition for Customized Employment Grants; Local Workforce Investment Boards Eligible to Apply
Jun 21, 2002
Department Announces Nomination Process for Inaugural "New Freedom Award"; Opportunity to Recognize Exemplary Efforts to Serve Americans with Disabilities
Jun 20, 2002
Section 508 Anniversary Webcast Scheduled for June 24; Governmental and Private Sector Representatives to Discuss Implementation
Jun 19, 2002
New Accessibility Aids Made Available for One-Stop Services to Persons with Disabilities Forum
Jun 14, 2002
"Youth Resource Connection" -- June 14th Edition Now Available
Jun 14, 2002
ETA Publishes National Farmworker Jobs Program Allocations for PY 2002; Seeks Comments on Phased Implementation of Allocation Formula
Jun 13, 2002
SBA Announces Federal-State Technology Partnership Program Funding; State Economic Development Agencies Eligible to Apply
Jun 10, 2002
Registration - WIA Reauthorization Forum: One-Stop Services to Persons with Disabilities
Jun 10, 2002
Workforce Innovation 2002 - June 7 Conference Update
Jun 10, 2002
Age Discrimination Act of 1975: Department`s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) Appears in June 10 Federal Register
Jun 07, 2002
Discussion Guide - WIA Reauthorization Forum: One-Stop Services to Persons with Disabilities
Jun 07, 2002
OCS/ACF/HHS Seeks Competitive Applications to Assist Faith-Based and Community-Based Organizations; State and Local Governments Eligible to Apply
Jun 07, 2002
OSERS Hosting Final Public Meeting to Seek Comments on the Implementation of the Rehabilitation Act
Jun 06, 2002
HRSA Extends Submission Date for FY 2002 Cooperative Agreements for Health Workforce Research; States and Local Governments Eligible to Apply
Jun 04, 2002
OVAE Announces FY 2002 Grant Funding for Community Technology Centers
May 31, 2002
"Youth Resource Connection" -- May 31st Edition Now Available
May 31, 2002
Workforce Innovation 2002 "Early Bird" Registration Extended to June 7
May 31, 2002
OVAE to Host Public Forums on AEFLA and Perkins; Key Issues for Public Comment Identified
May 31, 2002
WIA Reauthorization Forum Notes Available
May 28, 2002
Workforce Innovation 2002: Third Weekly Update
May 28, 2002
HHS/ACF Announces Competition for FY 2002 Grants and Cooperative Agreements under Comunity Economic Development Authority
May 24, 2002
HRSA Announces FY 2002 Cooperative Agreements for Health Workforce Research; States and Local Governments Eligible to Apply
May 24, 2002
2002 DOL/NASWA National Customer Service Awards Program: Call for Nominations
May 21, 2002
Secretary to Unveil "Youth Rules!" Program During May 22 Press Conference / Satellite Broadcast
May 21, 2002
EDA Seeks Grant Proposals on Role of Institutions of Higher Learning and CBOs/FBOs in Economic Development
May 17, 2002
Workforce Innovations 2002 Weekly Update 2nd Edition
May 15, 2002
ETA Clarifies the Application of the Establishment Clause to SGA/DFA 02-108 for Grassroots Organizations
May 11, 2002
Workforce Innovation 2002 Conference Registration Brochure Now Available
May 11, 2002
OVAE Schedules Publc Meetings on Reauthorization of Adult Education and Family Literacy Act
May 08, 2002
TANF and WIA Integration, Coordination and Collaboration: ETA Regional Office Survey Summaries
May 08, 2002
ETA Seeks Comments on Collection of Data on Self-Services Provided to WIA and W-P Customers
May 06, 2002
ETA Seeks Comments on Proposed Regulation Changes on Filing and Processing of Labor Certification Applications
May 04, 2002
National Small Business Week: SBA to Host Several Webcasts
May 02, 2002
May 2 FEDERAL REGISTER Notice on WIA PY 2000 Incentive Grant Funding Availability; TEGL 20-01 Outlines Application Process
May 01, 2002
Opportunity to Comment on Department`s Guidelines for Information Dissemination
Apr 30, 2002
ETA Seeks Comments on Customer Satisfaction Assessment for Workforce Information Core Products and Services
Apr 29, 2002
VETS Announces Grant Competition for Veterans` Workforce Investment Program (VWIP)
Apr 27, 2002
People, Jobs and Transportation;
Mobility Management Conference (May 20-21 in Austin, Texas)
Apr 25, 2002
Additional WIA Reauthorization Forum Scheduled for Park City, Utah (May 8)
Apr 25, 2002
ETA Clarifies Criteria Information in April 17 Solicitation Announcement for Grass-Roots Organizations
Apr 19, 2002
Oppportunity to Comment on Extension of the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) Data Collection Program
Apr 18, 2002
ETA and SBA Seek Microenterprise Development Proposals for Urban and Rural Areas
Apr 17, 2002
ETA Announces Three System-Building Competitions to Expand Customer Access and Build Capacity of CBOs/FBOs to Participate in the One-Stop Delivery System
Apr 15, 2002
ETA Announces Competitive Grants under Youth Development Practitioner Apprenticeship (YDPA) Initiative
Apr 15, 2002
HHS/ACF Announces Funding for "Individual Development Accounts" Demonstration Programs
Apr 13, 2002
National Summit to Focus on Positive Youth Development (June 26 - 28, Washington, D.C.)
Apr 09, 2002
HHS/ACF Expands Eligible Applicants, Extends Submission Date for
Job Opportunities for Low-Income Individuals (JOLI) Funding
Apr 08, 2002
ETA Soliciting Comments on Proposed New Collection of Data on Practices Related to Substate Allocation of Funds
Apr 08, 2002
April 5 Youth Resource Connections Now Available
Apr 08, 2002
Federal Transit Administration Announces Funding Availability under Job Access and Reverse Commute Grant Program
Apr 07, 2002
Opportunities for Exhibitors at Workforce Innovation 2002 (July 9 - 11, 2002)
Apr 05, 2002
WIA Reauthorization Forums Discussion Guide Now Available On-line
Apr 03, 2002
USDA Announces FY 2002 Funds for Rural Business-Cooperative Service Program
Mar 30, 2002
HUD Announces FY 2002 Funding Opportunties for Youthbuild, Economic Development, Community Colleges
Mar 27, 2002
Microenterprise Development for Urban and Rural Areas
Mar 25, 2002
March 22 "Youth Resource Connections" Available Online
Mar 18, 2002
WIA Reauthorization Forums to be Held Starting in March
Mar 18, 2002
OSERS Hosting Public Meetings / Seeking Written Comments on Rehabilitation Act and WIA Amendments
Mar 15, 2002
Department of Education Announces Funding Opportunities under "Projects with Industry" Program
Mar 13, 2002
Rural Workforce Conference 2002 Scheduled for Reno (April 28-30)
Mar 12, 2002
Applications of Wage Records for Workforce Investment: Symposium Scheduled for April 30 - May 1
Mar 07, 2002
Youth Resource Connections --- February 22 Issue
Mar 04, 2002
Check the WIA Reauthorization Page For the Latest News About Upcoming Legislative Activities
Mar 03, 2002
March 4-5 Conference in Washington, D.C. to Address "Community Colleges and Low Income Populations"
Feb 28, 2002
ETA Seeking Comments on WIA Reauthorization and Linkages with the TANF Program
Feb 28, 2002
ETA Seeking Comments on Financial Reporting for National Emergency Grants
Feb 27, 2002
NAWDP Invites the Workforce System To Attend Its Annual Conference in San Juan
Feb 27, 2002
Satellite Telecasts on The Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program
Feb 27, 2002
February 28 Satellite Broadcast on Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative
Feb 21, 2002
One-Stop Comprehensive Financial Management Training Chicago, May 13 - 17
Feb 21, 2002
HHS /ACF Announces FY 2002 Fund Availability: Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs
Feb 19, 2002
Workforce Innovation 2002: Join Us in Nashville, Tennessee!
Feb 13, 2002
Investing in America`s Communities: Changes Ahead - February 27 Videoconference
Feb 12, 2002
2002 Innovations in American Government Awards Competition
Feb 12, 2002
Department of Education`s Draft Strategic Plan Includes Instructional Technologies for One-Stops
Feb 06, 2002
Funding Availability for Female Veteran Competitive Grants Announced
Feb 06, 2002
ALMIS Seeks Nationwide Employer Database to Benefit One-Stop Delivery System
Jan 30, 2002
Funding Availability: Serious, Violent Offender Reentry Program
Jan 23, 2002
HHS/ACF Fall-Winter Funding Round Announced
Jan 17, 2002
Comments Sought on Data Collection of Services Which Do Not Require Registration
Jan 11, 2002
January 11 Federal Register Notice on WIA Reporting
Jan 10, 2002
Quality Child Care Initiative Proposals Sought
Jan 10, 2002
Solicitation Announced for MSFW Youth Program Funds