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Benchmarking One-Stop Centers: Understanding Keys to Success

The Corporation for a Skilled Workforce and four committed Illinois partners -- workforce boards in Northern Cook County, Chicago, Central Illinois and Crossroads -- have produced "Benchmarking One-Stop Centers: Understanding Keys to Success." The study is organized in terms of critical factors for One-Stop success - for serving employers, for serving jobseekers and for design and management.

The study team visited 20 Centers in 12 workforce areas within seven States.

The "Services to Employers" chapter - which draws heavily on the perspectives and insights of private sector representatives - contains:

  • Defining Critical Success Factors for Employer Services
  • Potential Critical Success Factors and Indicators Used to Organize the Study
  • Business Services Approaches
  • Key Design Considerations
  • Choices: Who Operates Business Services?
  • Choices: The Pros and Cons of Fee for Service
  • Choices: Managing Employer Services With Account Representatives and Contact Management Systems
  • Measures of Success
  • Reframing the Critical Success Factors
  • Services to Employers -- Site Summary

The authors believes the study "sets the stage for answering the crucial question of how best to measure One-Stop Centers and systems rather than programs." The full report can be downloaded from the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce's website. The report is also available through the Promising Practices website.